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Most brides tell us that they didn't see, or can't remember, much of what happened on their wedding day. That's why they're thankful they'd asked us to capture their wedding on DVD.

Your husband-to-be just before the ceremony... the emotions on the faces of your family as you walk down the aisle...your vows... your toast and first dance ... these are the Moments you'll want to cherish and remember for as long as you live. 

Your still photos won't capture the sounds, action and emotions of these brief flashes of time. But a professionally produced DVD by Robert Segal Videographers will and, as the years go by, your wedding DVD will become a priceless living record for you and our children.

Why You'll Love Your Wedding DVD

Here's what our clients tell us are the best things about their wedding DVDs:

You'll see and hear things you would otherwise have missed. For example, we can capture all the behind-the-scenes activity in both the bride's and groom's dressing rooms before the ceremony.

Your wedding DVD will capture - better than anything else - the emotions of the day. Still photos just can't do this.

You'll get to re-live your vows. Imagine showing this to your children!

You'll see and hear messages from your family and friends (*) (we record these at the reception). Most of our clients tell us that these are the most priceless moments on their DVDs.

We don't merely record the day's events. Instead, we create a complete story you'll enjoy watching again and again. For example, your wedding DVD will begin with a photo montage (*) of your baby and dating pictures, set to music, plus custom titles with names of your bridal party. It will end with a brief highlight section (*), and - if you wish - a montage of your honeymoon photos set to music.

You'll be able to give copies to family, friends, and those who were unable to attend. We can even create highlight DVDs (*) as gifts for your groomsmen and bridesmaids


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